Unity UK Dance Company  - Final Performance

We have recently completed work on a very exciting project with Unity Dance Company UK (you may know them from Britain’s Got Talent and Got to Dance!) with some of our highly talented Looked After Children.

You might have seen some of our other posts of their journey, the children were working very hard on this project for over 6 weeks. The dedication and enthusiasm shown by the children throughout the project was so admirable and their desire to learn the new skills was an absolute inspiration.

Some of the children had dance experience before this project, however all of the children made huge progress and took to street dance very quickly. Throughout the project, guidance and teaching came from Unity UK’s Director and Choreographer, Tashan Muir. The children developed into highly skilled street dancers in a matter of weeks under Tashan’s expert guidance.

After the performance, trophies were presented to commemorate the event and the dancers were able to reflect on the hard work and dedication they exercised to achieve their goal.

Now we have this inspirational video, powered by the positive attitudes of the dance team who can take so many positives from the whole experience.

On behalf of everyone we would like to say a massive ‘Thank You’ to all at Unity Dance Company, our wonderful carers, our carer engagement officer Kate Davis and most of all our fantastic performers.

We hope to bring you more exciting projects like this very soon!