Foster Child’s Great Achievement

We pride ourselves on working with Health and Social Care Trusts and foster carers alike in ensuring children and young people have access to the right opportunities so that they can achieve everything then want out of life.

This is why we felt particularly proud of the efforts of our dedicated foster carers when we recently received a glowing update on the progress of a child in their care:  

“Thank you so much for all your kind gifts and words of encouragement from all of our family and from N*. We would like to thank you in taking the time in acknowledging the great achievement of N. As her carers, we are extremely proud of this young lady receiving the accolade of head girl in her school’.

‘N came to us five years ago on an initial three week basis and never left. She arrived as a child who didn’t have much confidence and didn’t know what her future held.’

‘She walked through the doors of school knowing no one, but that day changed her life as she had walked into her school family; a family that cared enough to push boundaries and make changes in order to make her feel safe. They loved her through the hard times and have rejoiced in her achievements. It is a school we will always be eternally grateful for’.

‘N has exceeded all the expectations of school, home and social workers alike over the last five years. We are excited to see what she will go on to achieve in the next five years. Without our partnership with Kindercare and working together to advocate for N, neither us nor N would have this moment to celebrate, so we are grateful for you all and the part you all play in our lives”.

Kindercare NI

If you’re interested in becoming a foster carer and making a similarly significant difference to young lives, it would be our pleasure to talk to you and tell you more about what’s involved. Contact us today for more information on starting your fostering adventure with Kindercare Fostering.

*Real name not used for safeguarding purposes.