Types of fostering – Part Three

At Kindercare Fostering Northern Ireland, we often see that a crisis within a family can happen and a child needs a safe and stable environment, it can be for a relatively short period of time.

Children can often be returned to their birth family when the social services act effectively to help parents cope with the difficulties they are having.

This means that short term foster caring is a vital role, giving a family flexibility and choices where otherwise they might not exist.

In some instances the local authority might decide that long term fostering is the best option for a young person, but a period of short term care is needed first so they can evaluate the situation and its at this point, along with other types of fostering that Kindercare NI can help.

Sometimes short term foster care is necessary because a parent or carer is in hospital or recovering from an illness, leaving children with no adult to take care of them.

If you have been investigating the possibility of becoming a foster carer, short term fostering is an essential part of the range of caring roles that the team at Kindercare NI organises.

Most people who come to foster caring do so because they are empathetic, caring and have a powerful need to make a difference to the lives of young people.

However, long term fostering is not an option for everyone, due to work, family and other lifestyle commitments.

Short term placements can be equally rewarding and can work better with families who cannot commit to longer than two years with a placement.

Many short term foster placements last for a matter of weeks or a few months, but in that time it is possible to make an immense difference to a vulnerable young person and Kindercare Fostering Northern Ireland can support you all the way in your short term fostering journey.

If you are considering becoming a foster parent and would like to work with Kindercare Fostering Northern Ireland, an organisation that values experience, insight and mentoring its carers, simply contact us on 02890 941 690