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Rosie and Mark

Rosie and Mark

Why did you become a foster carer and how long have you been fostering?

We have been fostering for just over two years now. We became foster carers ultimately to give a child a stable, loving family environment. We wanted to get involved in helping local children and their families who may be going through a difficult time

What’s been your biggest challenge since you began fostering?

Our biggest challenge so far has been navigating the foster care system and managing those important relationships with the children’s Social Work Team in an ever-changing social care system.

What’s your favourite thing about fostering?

We love watching these kids grow and overcome the challenges they are facing on a daily basis. It’s a humbling experience to look back at the child that first walked through your door and see what they have accomplished during their time with us. Every child is different and so are their circumstances and it’s a privilege getting to love them for however long they need us.

What advice would you give to someone thinking about becoming a foster carer?

Pick up the phone and call Kindercare Fostering! You won’t regret it! For our family, it has been most rewarding to know that we are giving a child the chance to experience a loving family. This could be you!