Meet more of our Carers


Why did we become foster carers?

As we didn’t have children of our own, we looked at adoption and then fostering. After further consideration & learning about the great need within foster care we started the journey, knowing that fostering would give us the opportunity to help more than just one child. Fifteen years later we are still fostering & facing the daily challenges it brings!

What’s been your biggest challenge since you began fostering?
Our biggest challenge to date would be working with children having physical & emotional disabilities.

What’s your favourite thing about fostering?
My favourite thing about fostering would be sharing in the growth & development of the child within a family environment.

What advice would you give to someone thinking about fostering?
My advice to someone thinking about becoming a foster carer would be don’t over think it. If you have room and a caring heart then give a child a chance to experience a loving caring family